Microwave ablation training for specialists from Serbia

In collaboration with Terumo VUL, santaros clinics held a two-day working session at the end of May entitled “Minimally Invasive Liver Cancer Treatments” for interventional radiologists and nurses. Specialists from Serbia were invited to learn more about the strategies and minimally invasive methods of treating benign nodes and liver cancer of the thyroid gland using microwave ablation procedures.

During the program, the main attention was paid to the solutions for the treatment of benign nodes of the thyroid gland, which were told about by the interventional radiologist doctor Juozas Jarašūnas. Interventional radiologist Dr. Donatas Jocius presented topics and cases of liver cancer treatment in more detail.

The training program included presentations of topics discussions, observed microwave ablation procedures, during which treatment solutions were practically demonstrated in order to tell as much as possible about advanced methodologies for the treatment of thyroid and liver cancer, to provide knowledge about indications and contraindications, possible complications and to highlight important aspects that need to be prepared when starting minimally invasive procedures.


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