Interventional oncology

Innovative solutions inspire victories against cancer. Our aim is to provide healthcare professionals with the first access to the most innovative minimally invasive treatment solutions for interventional oncology procedures and to use them in their daily practice.

Given the importance of early diagnosis and treatment of cancer, long waiting times can have an impact on patient outcomes: 13% of cancer patients wait 31-60 days for radiotherapy, 34% for chemotherapy and 20% for radiotherapy/chemotherapy treatment for more than two months.

The goal of every healthcare professional is to ensure that treatment is effective and has a minimal impact on each patient’s daily life. We provide innovative and patient-centred minimally invasive cancer treatment solutions.

The growing effectiveness of minimally invasive cancer treatments is catching up with surgery – these interventions are as effective as surgery in achieving a radical cure, but at a significantly lower cost to the state and with a significantly better treatment option for the patient: better quality of life, shorter treatment and rehabilitation, and less complications. Modern qualitative ablation can be performed by a significantly larger number of healthcare professionals, which means that the procedure can be performed on a larger number of patients.

oncology solutions:

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Artificial intelligence navigation system developed by Swiss manufacturer CASCINATION to help plan, navigate and remove tumours during percutaneous interventions



An attachment developed by Japanese manufacturer TERUMO that can use up to four antennas simultaneously. It is extremely easy to operate, ergonomic and ensures a safe procedure



US company VARIAN's system is designed to freeze tissue at ultra-low temperatures, and the cryoprobe can produce "ice balls" of various sizes



The IGEA system from IGEA, an Italian company, is an electrochemotherapy system that can be used for both superficial tumours and parenchymal tumours