About us

AmberCell Solutions is a patient-centered healthcare organization that provides medical sector employees with complex solutions based on a holistic approach and precision medicine. The company offers innovative supply chain management system solutions, high-quality medical devices and equipment to medical institutions in the Baltic States.

The vibrant and dynamic AmberCell community is a team of professionals united by a common attitude, ambition and determination to achieve their goals. We grow a community that is happy at work every day, is constantly improving, enjoying not only their own achievements, but also those of the team. We are professionals who feel meaning in their work.

Our culture

Every day we create an immersive environment for employees, where everyone feels able to contribute to a meaningful future, grow personally and professionally, and enjoy their work by making a significant contribution to the improvement of health care. Every day we grow better mutual understanding, support and care for our colleagues. Belonging to the same community, clarity of direction, goals and tasks helps to effectively achieve common results and at the same time be responsible for personal achievements.



For professionals in the medical sector, we provide complex health care solutions focused on the patient, based on a holistic approach, personalized and precision medicine.


The personalized medical system is available to everyone in the Baltic region.


Every day we are guided by the fundamental values – respect, empathy, honesty, perseverance, awareness and balance – we cultivate them by cherishing the traditions of the company and discovering new ways of cooperation and development together.


We respect colleagues, customers, business partners, the environment and society. We respect everyone's work, we value their time, so we stick to our commitments. We listen and accept the beliefs and feelings of others. We value the authenticity and uniqueness of each, listen to the opinion of the other. We treat all people with dignity and politeness.


We take care of other people's needs, we help as much as we can, both working together and in person. We understand the situation of the other person and empathize with his feelings, accept emotions. We want the other to be taken care of comprehensively. We appreciate the work done by our colleagues and help with dedication in all situations.


We are fair and reliable, honest with ourselves and others, we admit our mistakes. We are open with our team, partners, we honestly adhere to our obligations and take a responsible approach to the tasks entrusted to us. We communicate directly and openly, without manipulating information, without betraying secrets, we honestly adhere to duties, responsibilities and the highest standards of behavior.


We believe in what we do, we strive for goals with perseverance, with passion. We remain motivated and committed even when faced with obstacles or difficulties. We are always focused on our goals and even in difficult situations, we never give up.


We perceive ourselves as an integral part of the team, society, the world. We get involved in the activities entrusted to us and act consciously to achieve the goals set. Ecology, environmental protection, a healthy lifestyle are an integral part of our daily routine. We take responsibility for our behavior, we know how to manage our emotions.

Balance sheet

We maintain a balance between personal and professional life. By engaging in activities, we plan our activities and time and strive for harmony everywhere. At home and at work, we strive to maintain a balanced relationship. Harmony of time, body and mind: maintaining a healthy lifestyle, emotions, balance of inner peace is important in everyday life.

Our talents

AmberCell people are talented professionals in their field, and through their work they will contribute to changes in the field of health care.

We are a dynamic and growing company that offers meaningful work that allows us to contribute to a positive impact on medical institutions and patients. We are an important link that allows healthcare providers to reduce costs and improve the quality of services through innovative, patient-centred precision medical solutions.

Benefits for employees

The entire AmberCell Solutions community is covered by additional personal health care insurance. Once a quarter, all the teams of the Baltic states meet in meetings organized by the company, we organize fun community evenings, a sporty summer festival. We periodically organize trainings on various relevant topics for teams in order to constantly improve and grow. We constantly organize internal events, get involved in public initiatives, participate in volunteering projects.



Team in the Hope Run

Every year, the events of the “Run of Hope 2023” are a reminder that communion, support and concentration help you survive the most difficult moments in life.

New partnership with Omnicell

The introduction of innovative, patient-centred solutions in the healthcare sector has launched another new partnership with a global company @Omnicell

New partnership with Omnicell

The introduction of innovative, patient-centred solutions in the healthcare sector has launched another new partnership with a global company @Omnicell

New partnership with Omnicell

The introduction of innovative, patient-centred solutions in the healthcare sector has launched another new partnership with a global company @Omnicell


Diagnosis of myoma – expensive medications or removal of the uterus are not always the only ways out

Abundant and painful menstruation, pain in the lower abdomen, bathing of the lumbar and loins, bleeding between menstruation – symptoms that can signal uterine myoma – a benign tumor of the smooth muscles of the uterus, most often occurring in women aged 30-50 years. There is no shortage of methods for treating this troublesome disease nowadays, and embolization of the uterine arteries, which has been carried out in Lithuania for a decade, is considered one of the most innovative and safe.