Knee joint embolization

Knee pain is one of the most common problems affecting older people, leading to reduced physical and social activity, nervous irritability, insomnia and even depression.

Osteoarthritis (Osteoarthritis) is the world's most common joint disease

Osteoarthritis, Osteoarthritis – degenerative joint disease associated with permanent trauma to the joints and ageing processes. It causes the cartilage covering the joint surface to disappear and bony growths to form, which interfere with movement and cause pain and a pinching sensation. As the disease progresses cartilage and bony surfaces deteriorate begin to rub together to another. This causes constant joint pain, stagnation, reduction in flexibility. Arthrosis is one of the main causes of joint (knee and hip) replacement.


Main pagethe main signs that manifest: joint pain and tenderness, especially after strenuous exercise or rest. Also swelling, enlargement, instability of the jointlimitations in movement, crunching noises when flexing the joint, bone growths that are forming the bones rubbing against each other.




symptoms can be helped by massages, water, heat and cold treatments.
Used and medical treatment. But if treatment methods don’t work, atrosis progresses – a joint replacement is performed. Also one of the newer and more innovative methods for getting rid of joint pain – arterial embolization. This method is widely used for the knee joint both in Lithuania and in many foreign countries.

Embolizations procedures at interventional radiologist introduces a small amount of water through the groinįa catheter just a sprindle longįthrough which embolizing agents that block blood vessels are injected. This method of treatment does not touch the joint, but only the blood vessels that feed it. This stops the formation of new structures that cause pain.


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HydroPearl is a PEG, biocompatible, compressible, drug-free and precisely calibrated embolization microsphere. A wide range of colour-coded sizes is available.

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Angio-Seal™ VIP Cruciate Vein Closure Device for closure and reduction of time to haemostasis at the site of common femoral artery puncture in patients undergoing diagnostic angiography or interventional procedures

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Angiographic or diagnostic TERUMO catheter for angiographic procedures, used with a guidewire: delivers radioactive media and materials to selected sites in the vascular system

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TERUMO microcatheter with integrated wire for therapeutic embolization and angiography in peripheral blood vessels. Ease of use, bend resistance, distal flexibility

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