Interventional radiology

Radiology is no longer just about diagnostics. Today, it enables doctors to be more precise, diagnose and treat better. Interventional radiology is one of the most advanced techniques in modern medicine

Interventional radiology is advancing rapidly due to demographic changes and the increasing number of chronic diseases, and understanding that each treatment area requires highly specialised products and solutions, we bring the most innovative solutions to radiology professionals for standard interventional procedures as well as for the most complex endovascular and percutaneous interventions.

Working with experienced specialists over several decades, we have developed a suite of interventional radiology solutions for specialised practices and clinics, which we continuously update to integrate the latest technologies and treatment innovations. Comprehensive solutions help interventional radiology professionals to achieve their goals and deliver high quality services to patients with the right products, technologies and clinical solutions.

radiology solutions:

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Artificial intelligence navigation system developed by Swiss manufacturer CASCINATION to help plan, navigate and remove tumours during percutaneous interventions



An attachment developed by Japanese manufacturer TERUMO that can use up to four antennas simultaneously. It is extremely easy to operate, ergonomic and ensures a safe procedure



US company VARIAN's system is designed to freeze tissue at ultra-low temperatures, and the cryoprobe can produce "ice balls" of various sizes



The IGEA system from IGEA, an Italian company, is an electrochemotherapy system that can be used for both superficial tumours and parenchymal tumours