Supply Management System

Supply Management System

Optimizing your supply chain management is a key to success

In hospitals, supply chain management related costs typically represent 20-30% of total operational expenditure, of which almost 50% are non-value-added costs. For most healthcare organisations supply chain management can be difficult and nerve taxing activity when considering time, money, and tracking available resources.

In fact, the most supply-intensive department in most hospitals is the operating room (OR), which represents 70% of a hospital’s product expenditure. Meaning that OR should be at the top of priority list when implementing a cost-effective supply management approach.

This is where we show up, delivering you our products through innovative Supply Management System (SMS) which will save you time and money, allowing you to focus on what matters most – taking care of your patients.

After all, optimizing the supply chain can deliver substantial immediate payoff in terms of cost savings and operational efficiency.

What are the benefits?

Our supply chain optimization solution helps your clinical and supply chain teams find opportunities in health care system to increase value, enhance patient care, ensure accurate inventory control, and improve visibility.



It simplifies your supply chain process – you can now easily order, track and replenish the goods.

It provides you great visibility of your inventory – you always know if the product is available, in which quantity, 24 hours a day.

It provides you quick and easy access to data – now you can quickly pull reports – to analyze and proactively manage.



It eliminates manual inventory counting.  

It automatically tracks the reception and usage of goods using barcodes or  RFID technology.

It ensures the right-size inventory – the orders are generated automatically based on stock levels and consumptions.



It tracks expired and recalled products, so you avoid loosing money every time a product expired before it could be pulled from the shelf. 

It decreases the volume of immobilised material and „frozen“ expenses.

It releases your staff for added-value tasks.

Book a call to learn how you could transform your Healthcare supply management system

Book a call to learn how you could transform your Healthcare supply management system