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Contributing to Society through Healthcare innovations

About us

At AmberCell Solutions we are dedicated to supporting Healthcare professionals in their everyday practice, as well as responding to the needs of patients.  To fulfill our mission, we provide healthcare workers with highest quality medical devices and services, ranging from protective equipment to advanced medical machinery, to supply management and automation systems.

We have over than 20 years of experience representing biggest medical companies such as: Terumo, A.M.I., Mavig and others.

Our company’s philosophy is based around helping healthcare professionals and medical staff, so that they could focus where it matters most – the patient. As such, we position ourselves as an irreplaceable partner when it comes to finding the most optimal way to treating patients and cutting non-medical related costs.

At AmberCell Solutions each and every employee is considered to be a leader, encouraged to excel is what she/he does, so that we could add to improving the quality of healthcare sector.

With this spirit and right values in place, we will continue our pursuit of supporting healthcare professionals in their medical field, as well as patients allowing them to feel better, live longer and pursue more active lifestyle.

Our values

Patient focus

We are committed to the highest standards of ethical and medical practice in our work. We take great pride and responsibility for delivering high quality products and services to our customers and patients:

  • Focusing on the patient’s and consumer’s needs
  • Ensuring patient/consumer safety is our top priority
  • Ensuring product quality and superiority of our service

Respect for people

We facilitate the environment where our people can feel inspired to make the difference. We help them develop in their current roles and grow to become the future leaders. Key  principles of ours include:

  • Ensuring our workplace is safe and free of harassment
  • Drawing on the strength of combined knowledge and experience
  • Creating an atmosphere of trust and encouragement


Innovative solutions

We aim to deliver the most innovative and technology driven medical solutions to our customers and patients. As well as educate healthcare professionals how to use medical products and services that help treat patients and save lives more effectively.


We aim to achieve high performance growth by investing effectively in our business, developing our people, and delivering impeccable results to our partners.

Transparency & trust

For us, transparency and trust means being honest about what we do and how we address the challenges. This is why we use technology and science to improve healthcare sector and help societies. We do this by:


  • Ensuring what we communicate with integrity
  • Providing relevant, accurate, and timely information
  • Demonstrating conviction and taking ownership
  • Admitting to mistakes if any occurs

As a company we are active in multiple medical fields

Our range of products and medical expertise includes, but is not limited to:

  • Interventional cardiology
  • Interventional oncology
  • Peripheral interventions
  • Cardiovascular surgery
  • General surgery
  • Operation rooms
  • Urology
  • Intensive care
  • And more

Do you need more info?

Our sale representatives are here for you

Do you need more info?

Our sale representatives are here for you